Established in 1928, Trészer Hochwertige Bauteile was focused on trading operation with agricultural machines and chemicals.

In 50th years of last century company Trészer establish own production facilities for cylinders and pistons.

In the 1948 company Trészer was reopened. It's begin to continue traditional business routes and spend lot activities trying to adopt it to new order of things.

At 1956 company management decided to start production of pistons and piston rings for motorcycles and chainsaws.

In 1968 production facilities increase the number of available products. Cylinders, crankshafts and crancases will added.

In 1972 company Trészer start produce carburetors for motorcycles, carts, chainsawsa and bruhcutters.

 Production line was focused on spare parts for motorcycles, boats engines as well as chainsaws.

From the 1987 company is a user-oriented enterprise focusing on production of high-quality spare parts and accessories for forestry industry and farmers. In short time company become

a professional manufacturer of cylinders and supply spare parts to the after-sales market. The main products include chain saws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, cutting machines, etc.

TRESZER company while focusing on the production of the cylinder, also supplies crankshafts, carburetors, pistons, clutches, sprockets, plastic parts, rubber parts and other parts.

With many years experience in international trade, company products are sold in more than 40 countries including North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and Africa.

Company TRESZER continue to develop new products in the market.

At present, the company has a professional research and development team and also quality control professionals.

Own assembling workshop, injection molding workshop, motor workshop, can meet the annual output of 1.2 million sets of demand.

With independent innovation as the main body and cooperation with scientific research institutions, the company has led and participated in the compilation of more than 10 worldwide quality standards and industry standards.

Company always adheres to the specialized development strategy, is realistic and innovative, and tries to be a garden tool manufacturing enterprise with the approval of dealers, 

the trust of the consumers and the satisfaction of the employees.